Jersey Gymnastics Club
Hants County National Grades - 5th & 6th March 2016

11 of our squad girls competed at the Hants County National Grades at the weekend in Southampton. Jasmine Osborne, Tilly Housome, Chanell McDermott, Niamh Heaney, Ava Dumoitier, Kaya Smith, Kate Condon and Daisy Myers all passed Grade 6 with Jasmine, Kate, Kaya and Chanell acheiving the further honour of being Commended.

Macy Burrow and Yvie Atkinson took part in the Grade 5 competition with both acheiving scores high enough to be Commneded for their work.
Cameron Whyte took part in the Grade 4 competition and recevied a Pass.

Well done to the girls for all their hard work and congratulations on the results. Travelling with the girls were coaches Debbie & Shannon Webber, Liz McIntosh and Maggie Adamson who also judged at the competition.



Well done to all the girls that took part in our Clubs 4 piece apparatus Championships.  Medals were presented to four different competing groups for overall and separately on each piece of apparatus.

The Advanced Recreational Age Group was won by Megan Gouyet, with Grace Meade in second and Ellen Watkins in third place overall.  Megan also came first on Floor and Vault with some very tidy performances.   Grace Meade took first place on Beam and Bars showing good strength and balance. Ellen came 2nd on Beam and Vault.  Neve Adamson and Alisha Da Silvia also perofmed well throughout the competition.

The Development Squad competition was won by Chanell McDermott with Tilly Hounsome in second place and Bayley King in third. Chanell had a strong event winning both Floor and Vault with good execution and confidence.  Tilly took the Beam Gold with a very clean and steady performance.  Bars was won by Jasmine Osborne showing excellent strength.  Bayley did well on Beam and Vault taking the Bronze medal on each. On the Floor Olive Sohan performed an elegant routine to take the Bronze.  Mollie Archibold had a good competition showing promise with good scores on Vault and Beam.

Ava Dumoitier was the overall Junior Squad Champion followed closely by Kaya Smith in second and Kate Condon in third place.  Ava took the Beam crown with a confident routine and also took Silver on Vault and Bronze on the Bars.   Floor was won by Kaya with a tidy routine, she also achieved 2nd place finishes on Beam and Bar.  The Bars competition was won by Kate with a strong and tight routine.   Niamh Heaney finished 4th overall but came first on Vault with a dynamic performance and also picked up a Bronze on Floor.  The Bronze medal on Vault was won by Ava Sosmowsa.  Daisy Myers showed good control to take 3rd position on the Beam.   Good performances were also seen from Frankie Dettman and Sophia Townsend which showed promise for the future.

The Senior Squad competition was won by Cameron Whyte followed very closely by Macy Burrows and then Yvie Atkinson.  Cameron had a strong competition with medals on each piece but excelled especially on Vault with an excellent Handspring flat back taking Gold.   Macy showed excellent strength and execution winning the Bars and coming second on Beam.  Yvie performed consistently throughout taking the bronze on Floor, Bar and Vault.  Amelia McIntosh performed a confident and elegant Floor routines to take Gold on that piece.  Beam was won by Evie Burrows with a well controlled routine with few errors.


Well done to all the boys that took part in our 2015 Club Champs.   The competition was on all 6 pieces of Men's apparatus with medals being presented on each piece and overall.

Cian Ridgard won the Under 10's age group closely followed by Barry Beatson in 2nd and Cosimo Hounsome in third.    Cian won Gold on Floor, Pommel & Parallel Bars with clean dynamic routines. Barry won Gold on Rings, Vault and High Bar with tidy work and a very well executed Vault.  Cosimo competing in his first six piece competition finish in third place on each apparatus showing great promise for the future.

Anushan Elanco won the Over 10's age group followed by Cristiano Ascencao in 2nd and Isaac McIntosh in 3rd.  Cristiano won Gold on Floor & Pommel with some tidy routines.  The Rings, Parallel Bars and High Bar crowns were taken by Anushan with some good swing work.  Isaac won Gold on Vault performing a well flighted handspring with a stuck landing.  Finn McGreevy had a good competition earning him bronze medals on Pommel, Rings and High Bar.    Mattie Jordan performed well on Floor and Vault taking 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.  Fiach Devitt and Jack Burns both competed strongly and just finished out the medals this time.

At the end of the competition it was announced that Sara Devitt would be retiring as our Club Secretary.  Sara was presented with a bouquet of flower and a gift to thank her for her years of fantastic service.  Many thanks Sara for all your hard work and dedication!!


Inter Club Floor & Vault Competition

JGC hosted
their first Inter Club Floor & Vault competition with De Mond Gymnastics Academy on Sunday 20th September.  For a lot of the young gymnasts this was their first taste of competition.   Over 40 gymnasts took part both girls and boys and they were split into different competing categories depending on their age and how many hours per week they trained.

Girls Maximum 5 hour 2007 & 2008 Age Group
The Gold medal on the Floor was tightly contested with Alice Baxter of De Mond taking Gold with a score of 8.8 followed by Tilly Hounsome of JGC in Silver just 0.1 behind.   The Bronze on Floor was won by Olive Sohna of JGC with a score of 8.5.  The Vault was a clean sweep by JGC with Tilly Housome and Mollie Archibold in joint Bronze, Olive Sohna in Silver and Jasmine Osbourne taking the Gold with an excellent Squat through vault scoring 11.10.    Overall Alice Baxter and Oliver Sohna took Joint Bronze (19.1), Tilly Hounsome won the Silver (19.2) and Jasmine Osbourne the Gold (19.5).

Girls Maximum 7 hours 2007 & 2008 Age Group
Again the Floor was very tightly contested with the joint Gold medal place awarded to Ava Sosmowsa and Evie Burrows of JGC, both scoring 8.7. In third Place on Floor was Frankie Dettman also of JGC with a score of 8.2.    On the Vault Evie Burrow took Bronze, Evie Le Bail the Silver and Sophia Townsend performed a great Vault to claim the Gold with a score of 10.9.   In the overall positions Frankie Dettman came third (18.7),  Ava Sosmowsa came 2nd (19.0) and Evie Burrows came 1st (19.5).

Girls Maximum 7 hours 2006 & Older
On the Floor Cameron Whyte of JGC performed a very tight routine to claim the Gold with a score of 8.9.  In second place was Macy Burrow of JGC (8.8) and in joint third was Naomi Balderson and Grace Thompson of De Mond scoring 8.6.   The Vault score were again very close with Yvie Atkinson of JGC and Grace Thompson of De Mond sharing the third palce (10.7).  In Silver Medal place was Milly Benest of De Mond (10.9) and winning the Gold was Macy Burrows with a score of 11.0.      In the overall positions Grace Thompson of De Mond came third, Cameron Whyte came 2nd (19.3) and Macy Burrows first with a score of 19.8.

Boys 2005 & Younger
In the Floor competition Fiach Devitt performed a very tidy routine to take Gold with a score of 8.2. He was closely followed by Ewan Brody in 2nd place with a score of 8.1 followed by Finn McGreevy in third with a score of 8.0.   On Vault Mattie Jordan performed an excellent Handspring to take Gold with a score of 11.90.  He was closely followed by Finn McGreevy 11.5 and Fiach Devitt 10.90.  Overall Finn McGreevy took top spot with a score of 19.50.  Silver overall was won by Mattie Jordan with Fiach in Bronze medal place with a score of 9.1

Boys 2004 & Older
Only two boys in these age group, but both lads put on a show of excellent work.  On the Floor & Vault Isaac McIntosh came 2nd on each with Anushan Elanco taking 1st on each.  Overall Anushan claimed Gold overall (21.4) with Isaac taking the Silver (20.00).

Many congratulations to all the gymnasts that took part.  It was an excellent event and a good experience for the youngsters.  In the future we look forward to hosting more competitions and continuing the friendly rivalry with De Mond.


Boys Southern Region Set Works

Well done to Cian Ridgard,  Finn McGreevy, Mattie Jordan and Anushan Elanco for there participation in the Southern Region Set Work Qualifier held in Milton Keynes.

Cian competed in the Level 1 age group.   After getting rid of some early nerves he had a good competition, his highlight was on the Mushroom with a score of 9.50.    Overall Cian finished in 8th place just a couple of places away from team selection.

Finn and Mattie competed in the Level 2 age group.  Finn's best score came on the Mushroom 9.40 and Mattie's best performance was on Vault with a score of 9.70.    

Anushan took part in the Level 3 age group.    His best results were on Floor and Pommel with scores of 8.90 and 8.80 respectively.

Overall it was a great experience for the lads performing well against the best in the Southern Region.


Skill Set Gym Club Visit from Guernsey
28/08/15 - 30/08/15

The newly formed Guernsey Club came to visit our Club to experience our equipment  and coaching The weekend involved three training session, a visit to Durrell and the aMaizin Adventure Park.   The children also enjoyed a sleep over at the gym, although as usual there wasn't much sleep!!   It was an excellent weekend, great to meet our fellow Guernsey Gymnasts and Coaches.  I'm sure we will see each other again in the future for more training and competition!

2015 Ynys Mon Inter Island Games
22/07/15 - 25/07/15

Due to there being no gymnastics in the Jersey Games this year, Ynys Mon took up the mantle of hosting the biennial event. Taking part in the event were competitors from Bermuda, Cayman, Isle of Man, Shetland, Aland, Gotland and Ynys Mon. Jersey Gymnastics Club had 5 club members representing Team Jersey in the Men's competition.  

Cameron Aird, Zee Adamson and Michael Schaffrath represented Jersey in the Men's Senior Competition and Anushan Elanco and Isaac McIntosh in the Junior Boys competition.  Also part of the Team were Alex Buesnel of Special Gymanstics Club & Joseph Carroll of Regent Gymnastics Club.   For 10 months leading up to the competition Alex was training with us and for him especially this event would be significant as it would be his first mainstream competition.

The first days competition was the Set & Team Combined.  Our Senior Gymnasts Team finished 2nd with the Isle of Man in first and Ynys Mon in third.  In the individual Sets Cameron performed well on Floor, Parallel Bars and Rings claiming a Bronze medal on each.   The Junior Team also came 2nd with Bermuda coming first and Isle of Man in third.  In the individual Sets Anushan took joint Gold on Vault and Silver on Pommels.

After a rest day next up was the FIG individual and all round competition.  Cameron Aird  performed an excellent Rings routine to take Gold and top spot on the podium.  He also scored well on Vault, Parallel bars and Floor to award him with third place overall. Alex showed off his strength and precision on the Rings to earn a well deserved joint 2nd place.  Zee also did well on Rings, only 0.3 away from a medal.    In the Junior competition Anushan had a good afternoon coming 2nd on Vault and 3rd on High Bar and Pommels.  Isaac was very close to winning a medal on Vault just 0.07 away!

James Evans (Aka Ferret) was our Men's Judge during the competition. He did a great job and gained valuable experience.   Overall it was a fantastic event, both for the competition and socially for everyone.  A big thank you needs to go to Special Gymnastics Club for loaning us their clothing and to Gary Buesnel for his great photography work!

We now have our eye's set for the Gotland Games in 2017!!



Many thanks to P.P.S. Limited who kindly sponsored the Club Track Suits for our Girls Senior Squad



Anushan Elanco, Cameron Aird and Zee Adamson all competed at the Southern Region Championships hosted by Portsmouth Gymnastics Club.

Anushan was competing in the U12 age group against a large field of 21  gymnasts.   His best performance came on Rings with a very tidy routine with the only big deduction coming from a step on landing.   He scored 11.40 which awarded him 3rd place and a well deserved Bronze Medal, his first competing in England!    Anushan also scored well on Pommel and High Bar with 10th & 9th places finishes.

Cameron competed in the U16 age group.  He competed his new High Bar routine with blind turn and double back salto dismount for 3rd place.  His second piece of apparatus was the Floor, which he performed well to take Silver. However he landed his final tumble awkwardly and injured his knee in the process, therefore cutting short his competition. 

Competing in the U18 age group was Zee Adamson.  His best performance was on Parallel Bars, landing his straight front dismount and holding his handstand half turn.    Zee also showed a strong Rings routine and landed his Handspring full twist Vault to score well on both.   Overall he took first place as well as four Gold medals on the apparatus.

Congratulation to all three boys and we wish Cameron a quick recovery from his knee injury.



Once again we had a brilliant turn out for our Gymnastics Gala with over a 100 of our recreational gymnasts entering.This year our Squad gymnast also performed a couple of displays for the budding gymnasts to look over.  There were four different age categories as well as separate competitions for our Advanced Rec gymnasts.

In the U6 age group Hannah Sterry took first place overall, gained by 1st place finishes on Floor and Balance.  In 2nd place overall was Lucy Kirby who also won gold on Vault.  3rd place overall went to Ben Vieira who impressed with a gold in the strength exercise.

The U8 age group competition was won by Isabel Vacher helped by some tidy work and a first place finish on the beam.  2nd overall was Sam Sterry who medalled also on the strength and balance exercises. In 3rd place was Joshua Talbot who also won a Gold medal on Floor.

In the U8 Advanced Rec competition Ewan Brodie showed good potential taking the gold overall together with gold medals on floor and vault.  In 2nd place overall was Bayley-Lily King with a Gold medal on the beam.  3rd place was awarded to Kate Condon help by a medal winning performance on the Vault.  

The U10 competition overall winner was Joshua McArthur performing well on all exercises especially vault where he took 1st place.  2nd overall was Matthew Harris with some tidy work and a gold medal on floor.  In 3rd place was Florence Coppock- Le Voguer medalling on three of the exercises.

There was also a U10 Advance Rec Competition.  The overall winner was Kaya Smith, helped gained with an excellent Gold medal on the Balance beam.    In 2nd was Daisy Myers who also took a gold on the floor.  3rd place went to Frankie Dettman with medal winning performances on Balance and Vault.

Finally the 10 and over age group was jointly won by Isaac Bond and Harrison Nobel who should strong performances on all exercises.  Holly Jordas took 3rd Place helped with a Gold medal performance on the Beam.

At the end of the Gala the judges took  a vote on who would be the Recreational Gymnast of the Year.  Ewan Brodie won the vote because of his fantastic performance and was awarded with the Trophy.   Well done Ewan!!

Congratulation to all the gymnasts and a big thank you to all the coaches who helped at the event.


Southern Region Floor & Vault

Nine young gymnasts from Jersey Gymnastics Club recently traveled to Pinewood Gymnastics Club in England  to take part in a Southern Region Floor and Vault competition.

First up were Fiach Devitt, Finn McGreevy, Cian Ridgard, Barry Beatson and Fergus Boyle competing in the Boy’s Blue U10 age group it was there first competition off the island. It was a very close competition with just half a mark between their overall scores. Fiach scored excellently taking silver on both floor and vault and winning the trophy for 1st Overall. Bronze medals on each piece were won by Finn showing some confident work. Cian and Barry performed tidy routines to finish 3rd and 4th overall respectively. Fergus the youngest of the group showed potential for the future and finished 8th overall.

Next up was Elizabeth Roxburgh competing in the Girls Silver under 12’s group and Isaac McIntosh competing in the Boys Silver over 14’s group. Elizabeth showed great composure and determination to produce a brilliant floor routine and a powerful Vault which awarded her gold on both together with the trophy for overall. Isaac competing in an older age group produced some good work to take silver on both floor and vault which help him finish top of the podium for overall.

Finally Cameron Whyte & Amelia McIntosh competed in the U10 & U12 Bronze groups. Cameron showed courage in her work with new skills performed for the first time. Amelia then completed a fine days work for the Club showing off her dynamic Vault to win herself the gold medal.



Well done & congratulations to all the girl who competed at the grades last weekend. 100% Pass completion!!!

The Club recently took a squad of girls to Southampton to take part in the Hampshire County Grades.

Macy Burrows, Olivia Donatiford, Jasmine Le Brocq and Erin Le Bail all  competed at grade 6 level. It’s was their first big competition in England so there were some nerves but all four girls rose to occasion and competed well to achieve passes.  Additionally Macy received a fantastic Distinction and Olivia and Jasmine passed with Commendation.

Rachel William competed at Grade 5 level and performed particularly well on Vault and in her Range and Conditioning routine to award her with a Pass.

Taylor Freeman took part in the Grade 4 level competition. Taylor performed strongly on the Bars and Vault which contributed to her passing with Commendation.

Finally Cara Buesnel competed in the Grade Level 3 Group. She performed bravely scoring well in her Floor and Range and Conditioning routines to help her to a well earned Pass.

Accompanying the girls were coaches Debbie Webber, Shannon Webber and Maggie Adamson together with James Evans as a judge for the event.  The coaches were very proud & excited for the girls and relieved that all the hard training had paid off.



Thirteen boys participated in this years annual championships.  They were split into three different competing groups consisting of the Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors.

The 2014 Junior Champion was Fiach Devitt with strong performances on the Mushroom and Parallel Bars helping him take the title.  Medal were also presented on each piece of apparatus.  On the Floor Cian Ridgard and Barry Beatson shared the Gold medal with Fiach take third spot.  Fiach had no falls on the Mushroom to win Gold with Cian taking the Silver and Fergus Boyle a well deserved Bronze medal.   On the Rings Barry performed a tight routine to win Gold with Fiach in 2nd and Cian coming third.  Onto the Vault and again Barry performed well to take top spot with Fiach in 2nd and Cian 3rd.   The Parallel bars was next and Fiach showed some good swing work to claim Gold,  close behind were Finn McGreevy and Cian Ridgard with joint Silver.  Finally onto High Bar and Finn showed good strength and swing work to win the Gold Medal followed by Barry in 2nd and Cian in third.

Michael Schaffrath was this years Intermediate Champion performing solid routines on each piece of apparatus.  On the Floor Michael tumbled well to take Gold, with Anushan Elanco taking Silver and Isaac McIntosh winning the Bronze.  On the Mushroom Anushan doubled well to take first spot with Michael in second and Isaac third.   The Rings were next and Anushan showed good strength and Swing work to claim top spot with Cristiano Ascencao winning Silver and Michael taking Bronze.  On the Vault Michael took the Gold with Isaac winning Silver and Anushan Bronze.  Parallel Bars was again won by Michael with some tidy work followed by Anushan in Silver and Cristiano in Bronze.  Finally on High Bar Michael showed good giant work to win Gold with Anushan taking the Silver and Isaac the Bronze.   Mattie Jordan and Jack Burns were also in contention and produced some great performance but narrow missed out on medals.

The Senior 2014 Champioships was contested by Zee Adamson and Cameron Aird.   Cameron was overall Champion with wins on Pommel, Parallel Bars and High Bar showing off some difficult skills.   Zee was runner up overall but performed strongly on Floor, Rings, Vault take top spot on each.

Congratulations and well done to all the boys that took part!



Well done and congratulations to the 17 girls that took part in this years squad championships.    The girls were split into three competing groups being Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

In the Junior competition there were 8 competitors.  Olivia Donatiford finished 1st overall just 0.05 ahead of Macy Burrows with Evie-Rose Burrows in 3rd place.  Medals were also presented on each piece of apparatus.  On Floor Erin Le Bail won Gold with Yvie Atkinson & Olivia taking joint Silver.   Vault Gold  was again won by Erin with Evie Le Bail winning the Silver and Olivia taking the Bronze. On the Beam Jasmine Le Brocq won joint Gold with Erin with Yvie Atkinson and Olivia sharing Bronze.  On Bars Macy Burrow scored highly to win the Gold medal followed by Olivia in Silver and Evie- Rose Burrows in Bronze.  Lili-Beth England was awarded the most improved medal.

Four girls took part in the Intermediate competition.  1st place overall went to Rachel Williams, 2nd was Cameron Whyte with Cara Williams finishing in 3rd.   On the apparatus Rachel took Gold on Floor, followed closely by Cameron in Silver and Amelia MacIntosh in Bronze.  Amelia also scored highly on Vault to take the Gold medal, with Cameron taking Silver and Cara Williams claiming the Bronze.  On the Beam the Gold medal was won again by Amelia with Rachel and Cara sharing the Silver medal position.   Finally on the Bars Rachel scored well to win the Gold with Cara taking the Silver and Cameron the Bronze. 

The Senior Competition had five competitors.  Cara Buesnel finished 1st overall with Elizabeth Roxburgh in 2nd and Taylor Freeman in 3rd.   Floor was won by Cara with Taylor taking the Silver and Betty Beatson winning the Bronze.  On Vault Elizabeth and Cara shared the Gold medal position with Lily Greig taking the Bronze.     The Beam was also won by Cara with Taylor in 2nd and Elizabeth 3rd.  Cara made it in a clean sweep with a further Gold medal on the Bars with Elizabeth taking Silver and and Taylor the Bronze.



Cameron Aird represented the Southern Region Team at Level 6 at the national finals in Birmingham.  Up against some of the best U14 gymnasts in the country Cameron finished in 13th place overall One of his best performance came on Pommel where he finished in 8th place.  His team finished in 4th place overall with the North East Region taking the title. 



31/10/2014 - 02/11/2014

16 squad boys and girls traveled to Dynamo Gymnastics Club in Southampton for a 3 day training trip following Dynamo's visit to Jersey in May.  The visit was a great experience for the young gymnasts, taking advantages of the fantastic facilities on offer and the experienced coaches.The trip also included a friendly conditioning competition with mixed teams in which many of the Jersey gymnasts won medals. 



Southern Region Setwork Qualifier

Cameron Aird finished 1st and qualifies for the Southern Region team at  the National finals!

Four squad boys traveled to Basingstoke to compete at the Southern Region qualifier. Cameron was competing in the U14 Level 6 Age group.  He had a clean competition but did particularly well on High Bar and Parallel Bars top scoring on both of these pieces.  However he excelled especially in his Physical Preparation Programme scoring 9.10 gaining a whole 1.3 marks advantage over his  nearest rival which help him to top spot overall.

Mattie Jordan was competing in the U9 Level 1 age group.  He finished in 12th place overall.   His best performances were on Vault coming third with an excellent score of 9.70 and Floor finishing 8th with a score of 8.10.

Cristiano Ascencao and Anushan Elanco were competing in the U10 Level 2 age group.  Anushan finished 12th Overall, however a great Rings routines scoring 7.80 gave him a 1st place finish and a high Vault score of 9.70 a 5th place finish.  Cristiano also performed well on Vault with a score of 9.50 and competed a strong High Bar routine scoring 7.20.

Congratulations to Cameron and good luck at the National Finals later this year!

The gymnasts were accompanied by coaches James Evans and Andy Aird.


Gymtots Coaches Pass Pre-School Assessment

Congratulations to all the Gymtots coaches for successfully passing their UKCC Level 1 Preschool assessment at the weekend. A special thanks must go to Anne Frith for all her organisation, guidance and support through the whole process.

Monday 9.30am Class Coaches: From left to right: Michelle Cosgrove, Noreen Hendry, Vikki Militis, Ben Frith & Lisa de la Haye.

1.45pm Class Coaches: Yvonne Corbin, Ben Frith & Michelle Cosgrove.


30/05/14 to 01/06/14

Dynamo School of Gymnastics visited our club for the second time in two years. Historically though the exchange visits have been going on for over 20 years now! Traveling in their team this year were 23 young gymnasts (boys & girls) and 4 coaches.  It was a full on weekend of training, competition and outdoor activities (we were blessed by the weather again like last year!).    

The competition as per previous exchanges involved mixed teams randomly chosen competing timed conditioning moves such as chins, dorsals and bar jumps.  The winning team this year was the 'Cheeseburgers' including Jersey Gymnasts, Betty Beatson, Mattie Jordan & Cara Busenel scoring 544 points. Second were the Chimpanzees with Fiach Devitt, Crisitiano Ascencao & Anushan Elanco (542). 3rd were the Leaping Leopards including Jersey gymnasts Lilly Greg, Michael Schaffrath, Isaac McIntosh and Jasmin (539).     In the individual honors Cara Buesnel came 2nd with 117points and Isaac McIntosh 3rd with 111 points.  To find the winning Club the top 6 scores from each Club were added together,  resulting in Dynamo's combined score of 661 narrowly beating Jersey's combined score of 657 by just 4 points to retain the title!

The whole weekend was a fantastic experience for both sets of gymnasts with more great memories to look back on.  A BIG thank you must go to all the host families that looked after the children and to all those people who gave up there time with lifts to and throw.  We now look forward to visiting Dynamo in Southampton during Halloween later this year.  


4th May 2014

Six boys traveled to Dynamo School of Gymnastics in Southampton to compete in the Southern Region Championships.  For the competition the boys had to compete their own voluntary routines on all six pieces of apparatus.  Our youngest gymnasts Mattie Jordan competed in the under 9 age group in a field of 20 gymnasts.   Mattie's best performances were on Rings and Vault ranking 9th on each with scores of 10.70 and 10.55.

Competing in the under 10 age group were Cristiano Ascencao, Jack Burns and Anushan Elanco.  The boys were competing in a large group of 25 gymnasts.   Cristiano showed his strength excelling particularly on the Parallel Bars ranking 10th with a score of 8.20.   Jack performed best on Floor with an excellent routine scoring 11.40 ranking him an impressive 7th, executing his back flip for the first time, as did Mattie in his competition.  Anushan also had a good competition with top 10 ranking positions on Floor, Pommel and High Bar.  His High Bar routine was his highlight showing off some tight giant work ranking him 6th with a score of 11.20 only 0.6 off bronze.

Cameron Aird competed in the under 14 FIG age group against a talented group of 10 gymnasts.   His best performance of the six pieces came on Vault competing his tucked Tsukahara for the first time landing it well giving him 3rd place with a score of 12.80.   Our most senior gymnast Zee Adamson competed in the under 16 FIG age a group.  Zee also did well on Vault coming second with a score of 12.40 and with other solid performances finished in 3rd place overall.


29th March 2014

The Competition had a fantastic turn out this year with over 130 children taking part with each competitor receiving a t-shirt for entering.

Nearly 40 children took part in the Under 6 competition.  1st place overall was Nia Greig with a score of 61.30, 2nd place went to Leigharna Dodd with 58.00 and in 3rd place was Lottie Clarke with 57.80.

In the Under 8 competition there was a large field of 50 gymnasts.   In joint 1st place overall with a score of 69.10 was Kate Condon & Emma Kirby.  In 2nd place was Bayley Lily King with 68.35 and 3rd place went to Jasmine Hind with a score of 67.90

For the first year the Championships also included an Intermediate category for those gymnasts training over 1 hour a week.
In the under 8 Intermediate group the overall winner was Macy Burrows with a score of 76.60.  2nd overall was Fergus Boyle with 75.95 and 3rd place went to Yvie Atkinson with 74.30.

Madeleine Wilkinson came first overall
in the Under 10 competition with a score of 79.00.  In second place was Finlay Zomparelli with a score of 71.50 and in 3rd position was Mia Zomparelli with a score of 66.60.

In the Under 10 Intermediate competition Holly Jordas scored highly to take first place overall with a score of 85.45.  In 2nd place came Jasmine Hind scoring 79.70 followed closely in third place by Finn McGreevy with a score of 79.20.

Finally in the 10 & Over age group Erin Le Bail competed well to finish in first place overall with a score of 69.00.  In 2nd place was Rebecca Gomes with a score of 67.70 and not far behind in third place was Charlie Bird with a score of 67.50.

At the end of the day Under 10 medal winners Mia & Finlay Zomparelli were voted by the judges and coaches to be the clubs joint winners of the recreational gymnast of year trophy.  Chosen because of their excellent performances on the day and also for their enthusiasm and hard work in training.

Well done to all the gymnasts that took part!


22nd & 23rd March 2014

Six of our squad girls recently travelled to England to compete at the Hampshire County Grades. The girls had to do routines on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Range & Conditioning and had to achieve a high enough combined target score to pass their Grade.  Taylor Freeman, Rachel Williams and Cameron Whyte competed grade 14 routines.   Although nervous the young trio put in solid performances on each apparatus to get their passes!

Betty Beatson competed Grade13 routines. It was a tough competition but good performances on Floor and Vault helped her to  overtake the set target score to award her with a pass!

Finally Elizabeth Roxburgh and Cara Buesnel competed their Grade 12 routines.  Elizabeth's strong bar routine and confident performances on the other apparatus help her to achieve a good pass.  Cara also gained  her pass assisted by good showings on Floor & Vault.

Congratulations to all the girls for passing! A lot of hard work and time was put in to achieve the results!  Well done also to the coaching team of Debbie Webber, Andy Rogers and Diana Roman Mares.



10 girls took part the competition.  They were split into three groups to compete their Grade 14, 13 and 12 routines on Floor, Vault, Beam and Bars.

The Grade 14 girls were taking part in their first ever competition.  Cameron Whyte started well on Floor 11.50 and Vault 13.10 taking first place on both.  Rachel Williams took the Beam Gold with a score of 12.20 and Taylor Freeman won Gold on Bars with a score of 12.50. Overall places were tight with Rachel and Taylor sharing first place both scoring 48.10 and Cameron coming third with a score of 47.45.

Four girls took part in the Grade 13 group. Betty Beatson showed some good work on Floor 11.80, Vault 12.70 and Beam 11.90 taking first place on all three.   The other girls where not far behind though with Amelia McIntosh coming 2nd on Floor 11.70 and Georgia Dunlop 2nd on Vault with a score of 12.60.  On the Bars Maddie Reynolds performed a routine with good swings and strength to help her win comfortably with a score of 9.60. 
Overall Maddie finished in first place with a score of 43.60, Betty Beatson 2nd with 43.50 and Amelia & Georgia finished in joint 3rd 42.00.

In the Grade 12 Group Lily Greig won Gold on Floor with a score of 10.80.   Cara Buesnel took first place honors on Vault and Beam with a score of 13.00 and 11.00 respectively.   On the Bars Elizabeth Roxburgh performed a strong routine to take first place with a score of 12.60.  Overall  Elizabeth finished first with a score of 46.60, Lily was 2nd scoring 45.80 and Cara third with 45.35.

Well done to all the Girls and coaches for their hard work this year and best wishes for 2014!




12 Boys took part in our annual championships.  They were split into 4 groups of age and ability, Junior & Intermediate Development and Intermediate & Senior Performance. The Boys competed routines on all six pieces of apparatus.

Barry Beatson took the Junior Development crown with some very neat and tidy work scoring 52.25
.   He Top scored on 4 pieces, his Squat through Vault was especially impressive with a score of 9.60.  Fiach Devitt came 2nd overall (50.25) and he came 1st on the High Bar
with some excellent swing work scoring 8.90.  Cian Ridgard finished in 3rd (50.00) only 0.25 behind Fiach. He top scored on the Parallel Bars with a very strong routine scoring 8.60.

In the Intermediate Development group Cristiano Ascencao took top honors winning overall with a score of 56.40.  He impressed throughout with some stylish routines.  His double leg circles on Pommel (9.00) and strength on High Bar (9.35) stood out as his highlights.   Felix Culnane finished in 2nd place overall.   He Finished 1st on the Parallel Bars with some tidy swing work and a score of 8.80.   Jack Burns finished in 3rd place overall helped by a first place on Rings with a dynamic and strong routine scoring 9.40. Mattie Jordan finished in 4th position overall but gained two 2nd places finishes with good performances on Pommel 7.90 and Rings 9.25.

Anushan Elanco won the Intermediate Performance group with solid performances on all 6 pieces.  His High Bar routine was his highlight competing giants for the first time to take the top spot with a score of 10.70, he also topped scored on Floor and Parallel Bars.   Michael Schaffrath finished 2nd overall. He won the Rings 9.40 with a very tidy routine and also competed giants on High Bar for the first time.   Isaac McIntosh came 3rd overall however he showed excellent ability on Pommel 8.60 and Vault 11.40 to take 1st place on both of these pieces.

Finally in the Senior Performance Group were Cameron Aird and Zee Adamson.  Cameron finished in  1st place overall with some difficult skills on display, Double twist on Floor and Tsukahara on Vault to name a couple.  He also performed a well executed High Bar routine which impressed the audience.  Zee came 2nd overall showing off some new moves, Pirouette on P.Bars and Felge on Rings.

Well done to all the Boys and coaches and here's to a successful 2014!  



Ellen Marett recently competed in The 2013 British Vets Championships hosted by the City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy.  She did especially well on the Beam clinching a well deserved Silver Medal with a score of 12.70. Ellen competed routines on all four of the Women's apparatus (Vault 12.50, A.Bars 11.75, Beam 12.70 & Floor 12.35)  and finished in 4th place overall only 0.2 behind 3rd place.  Congratulations Ellen!


Following on from the news below Cameron Aird represented the Southern Region at the NDP National Championships at the fantastic GMAC facility in Birmingham.  Cameron was competing the Level 5 Under 13 routines.  He was up against the  25 best gymnasts in the UK from regions such as Wales, London, Yorkshire and the South West to name a few.  He started well on Rings (8.20) 9th Position and then Vault (9.60) 7th Position.  However falls on the Parallel Bars, High Bar & Pommel then followed which unfortunately pushed him down the standings.  His High Bar was particularly frustrating as he did an excellent routine completing both the clear hip circles but a stumble on landing cost him.  He eventually finished in 21st place overall, however he has potential to finish within the top 15. Overall it was another great experience for Cameron which highlighted areas for improvement in the future.



Four boys, Mattie Jordan, Cristiano Ascencao, Anushan Elanco and Cameron Aird  travelled to Basingstoke Gymnastics Club to compete at the 2013 Southern Region Setwork Championships.   For Mattie (8) and Cristiano (8) this was their first time off the Island without their parents.  Mattie being the youngest competed in the Pre Level 1 group, his best showing came on Vault with an excellent performance which positioned him with the third joint highest score of 9.60.    Cristiano (8) and Anushan (9) were in the Level 1 Age group against a large group of talented gymnasts.   Cristiano finished in 18th place overall with high scores on Vault 9.70, Floor 8.75 and Rings 8.70.   Anushan finished in 11th place overall, scoring highly on Rings 9.30, Floor 8.85 and Parallel Bars 8.70.   Finally Cameron Aird (12) was competing in the Level 5 age group with some difficult set routines to master.  The boys in this group struggled with their Pommel, Parallel Bars and High Bar routines, however Cameron's solid performances on Rings 8.80 and his Physical Preparation Programme 8.70 award him with the gold medal overall. The competition was also acting as qualification for the Southern Region Team to compete at the National Finals in November.  Cameron was chosen to compete his Level 5 routines for the Team.  Congratulations Cameron!

The boys where accompanied by coaches Ben Frith and Andy Aird.  James Evans (Ferret) also travelled with the group as a Judge for the competition.


Regent's Summer Invitational 2013

Earlier this summer Cara Buesnel and Elizabeth Roxburgh took part in the Regent Summer Invitational. 

Cara competed in the Level 6 Group.  She excelled especially on Floor with a score of 11.90 and first position.  Then top three positions on Vault, Bars and Beam helped her to finish in 2nd place overall.  Elizabeth competed in the Level 5 Group.  Her best apparatus was Vault with a score of 10.70 and second position.  

Congratulations to both girls for their medal winning performances!


2nd to 4th August

An amazing weekend was spent in the gym with two time Olympian Barry Winch! It was a brilliant opportunity for both gymnasts and coaches to learn new skills and training ideas tapping into Barry's huge experience and knowledge. All the gymnasts enjoyed it and worked hard especially the boys who did over 6 hours a day.  Barry loved working with us and said he was keen to come back again. The visit was funded by money received from the One Foundation.

 13th to the 19th July 2013

Well done to Zee, Chezzy and Ellen for their excellent performances in Bermuda!

The Bermuda Island Games was a fantastic experience for JGC gymnasts Ellen, Zee & Chezzy. Competing in the hot & humid gym was no easy task but all three did themselves proud. The competitions were spread out over the week with the Team comp first, then FIG (voluntary routines) followed finally with a Set routine comp.

Ellen's girls team finished 4th and were unlucky to miss out on Bronze only 0.5 away. Zee & Chezzy performed well in FIG and Sets but were up against older and more experienced gymnasts from the Isle of Man and the Faroes. No medals for them this time but the exposure will hold them in good stead for future Island Games.


JGC Gymnasts Zee Adamson, Chezzy Williams and Ellen Marett will all be representing Jersey at the 2013 Bermuda Island Games.
The trio have been training hard putting in the extra hours to get their routines ready for the Games.  As well as the training many hours have been dedicated to raising money to help get the Team to Bermuda, costing over £2,500 per person!  Thank you to all the people who have donated and assisted with the fund raising, the Team wouldn't be going without your help!!   The Team, including coach Ben Frith and Maggie Adamson will be in Bermuda from 11th July to 23rd July and will be competing in Team, FIG and Set Routines during the week long event.   

So from everyone at JGC, do yourselves proud & GOOD LUCK!!!!    


Southern Region Floor & Vault

A team of 13 Gymnasts, Mattie Jordan, Christiano Ascencao, Jack Burns, Amelia McIntosh , Betty Beatson , Cara Williams, Lily Greig, Elizabeth Roxburgh , Cara Buesnel, Anushan Elanco, Michael Schaffrath , Isaac McIntosh and Georgia Hodgson took part in a Southern Region Floor and Vault competition on Sunday 30th June 2013 in Southampton.

Mattie Jordan was competing in the under 8’s Blue category group. It was Mattie’s first competition in England but he performed brilliantly taking gold on Floor and Vault with scores of 14.65 and 11.2 respectively. He also won a third gold medal for the combined overall results and was over half a mark better than his nearest rival.

Christiano Ascencao and Jack Burns were competing in the under 10’s Blue category group. It was a tough group of 23 gymnasts with both boys and girls competing against each other. Chistiano produced a fantastic Vault to take gold with a score of 10.95 and Jack not far behind won bronze with 10.8. Overall Christiano finished in 5th place and Jack in 7th.

Competing in the under 10’s Bronze category group were Betty Beatson, Amelia McIntosh & Cara Williams. They were up against a large group of over 20 gymnasts. Their best scores came on Vault, Betty 10.95, Amelia 10.8 and Cara 10.6.

Lily Greig, Elizabeth Roxburgh, Cara Buesnel and Anushan Elanco competed in the Silver under 10’s group. The gymnasts performed well especially on Vault with Jersey taking all the medals, Anushan coming 1st with 11.55, Cara 2nd 11.35 and Elizabeth 3rd with 11.3. Lily scored well on floor with 13.50. Anushan also performed well on floor, his tidy routine gave him a high score which combined with his vault score gave him the gold medal overall.

In the under 12’s age group were Michael Schaffrath and Isaac McIntosh. Michael vaulted well sticking his landing to earn him a silver medal with a score of 11.6. Isaac had a solid competition scoring 11.1 on vault.

Finally in the over 12’s group was Georgia Hodgson. Her routine on floor showed lots of energy and she scored well on vault with 11.1 and 6th position.

Overall the competition was a great experience for all the gymnasts who had put in many hours of practice in preparation. In total 10 medals were won which is a great achievement by the gymnasts and coaches.


2013 Girls Grades

Earlier this year a group of squad girls traveled to Portsmouth to try and pass their grades.   It was a tough competition with some strict judging.  However congratulations go to Betty Beaton and Lily Greig who both passed Grade 14. Well done girls!


Dynamo Visit

31/05/13 - 02/06/13

A team of 26 boys and girls from Dynamo School of Gymnastics in Southampton visited our club last weekend.

Dynamo are recognised  as being one of the best gymnastics club in the UK and have produced many gymnasts who have competed for Great Britain.  Our links with Dynamo go back a long way and many exchange visits have been made between us over the years.

As the visit approached everyone was praying for some good weather and as luck would have it the sun shone throughout the whole weekend.  During the visit everyone enjoyed trips to Amaizin Maze Adventure park, Greve de lecq Beach and Durrell Wildlife Park.  There was also a BBQ and sleep over in the gym on Saturday night.

Of course there was also some gymnastics involved, which included some training sessions and a fun conditioning competition.  The competition was made up of mixed team of both Jersey and Dynamo gymnasts, names drawn randomly from a bucket.  Each gymnasts had 15 seconds to do as many chins, dorsals, leg lifts etc in that time to win points for their team.   The competition was extremely close with the  'Golden Dragons' coming 1st, the 'Alpacas' 2nd and the 'Clever Cheetahs' 3rd.    Dynamo won back the shield for having the highest top 5 individual scores.   Well done to Christiano Ascencao for taking a individual bronze medal.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend for everyone with lots of great memories and we look forward  to our clubs return visit to Dynamo's gym club in the near future.   The club would like to say a BIG thank you to all the parents and coaches who made the visit run so successfully.


2013 Boys Southern Region Championships

Well done to the squad boys; Anushan Elanco, Tom Coleborn, Cameron Aird, Judah Williams, Chezzy Williams and Zee Adamson who all competed recently at  the Southern Region Championships in Southampton

Cameron, Zee, Chezzy and Judah were competing in the Open.  Cameron finished 3rd overall and also won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals on Rings, Parallel Bars and Vault respectively.  Zee and Chezzy both of whom are training hard for this year’s Island Games in Bermuda gained confidence from their performances with Zee taking Gold on Parallel Bars, 11.90 and Chezzy also winning a Gold medal on Vault, 11.40.

Tom and Anushan were competing in the under 10 age group in a field of over 34 gymnasts.  Tom had a solid competition on all 6 pieces and finished in 9th place overall with a score of 67.6.Anushan one of the youngest in the age group finished in a respectable 16th place with a total score 64.00.



Under 8 age group competitor Barry Beatson is the new Jersey Gymnastics Club Recreational gymnast of the year. He took the judges vote after winning his age group in the clubs annual championships for gymnasts who train no more than 2 hours a week. All the gymnasts were competing in 4 disciplines Floor, Balance, Vault and Strength.

Barry’s impressive work helped him to top an entry of 36 gymnasts in the U8 age group with 79.15 points, 1.45 ahead of 2nd place Cian Ridgard with 77.70. In third place overall was Charlie Hart with a score of 76.45. Individual gold’s went to Hannah Dunlop (Floor & Strength), Georgina Gomes (Balance) and Barry Beatson (Vault).

There were 33 gymnasts taking part in the Under 6 age group. Ewan Brodie showed excellent strength to help him win gold overall with a score of 67.55. In 2nd place was Siena Stephens with 65.85 followed very closely by Nia Greig in third with 65.80. Individual Gold medallists were Siena Stephens (Floor), Nia Greig (Balance), Ewan Brodie (Vault & Strength).

In the Under 10 age group Lucy St
okes demonstrated some brilliant floor and balance elements to help her take the Gold overall with a score of 96.30. Second place went to Harrison Noble with a score of 93.30 and third place was Elliot Holmes with a score of 91.05. Individual Gold medallists were Lucy Stokes (Floor & Beam), Jamie Jackson (Vault) and Harrison Noble (Strength).

The 10 and Over age group was won again by last year’s winner Rebecca Gomes with solid performances on all 4 pieces. Individual golds were won by Charlie Bird (Floor, Vault and Strength) and Erin Le Bail (Balance). A special most improved medal was also awarded to William Davy for his hard work.

Additional Medals were also awarded to gymnasts who train 4 hours per week and they were Rachel Williams, Cameron Whyte, Taylor Freeman and Georgia Dunlop in the U8 and Under 10 age groups.



Congratulations to Cameron Aird and Tom Coleborn for their selection into this years Southern Region Squad.
Their selections were decided upon review of their performance in competition last  year and in particular their results in the Southern Region Championships last October.   Squad selection will involve them attending four training sessions during the year.




Well done to the boys who took part in the squad championships.  The competition provided a great opportunity for the young squad members to experience a competition atmosphere and for parents to see their boys in action.

Zee Adamson won gold overall  (66.00) in the Performance Squad Comp proving that hard work in training always wins out, an excellent example for the younger squad members.  His routines where performed with style and very few execution errors leaving the judges with little to deduct.  Zee's best results came on Vault with a perfect Handspring (13.0) and a strong Rings routine (10.65).  Cameron Aird finished 2nd overall (65.60) and won Floor (9.25) and Pommels (12.20).   Cam was champion last year but Zee's consistently high level of performance was too much to handle this time.  Judah Williams finished in 3rd place overall (61.30).

In the Development Squad competition Anushan Elanco performed well to finish top of the pile and become overall champion (65.25),  Isaac MacIntosh came 2nd (63.45) and Jack Burns 3rd (62.10).  Individual highlight for the 6 boys competing in this group were ; Felix Culnane 3rd on Floor (9.70) and 2nd on Pommels (13.50) ; Mattie Jordan 3rd on Vault (11.50) ; Christiano Ascencao 2nd P.Bars (9.40) and 2nd on High Bar (9.25) ; Jack Burns 2nd on Floor (10.10) and 3rd on Pommels (13.30), P.Bars (9.40) and Rings (9.40) ; Isaac MacIntosh 1st on Vault (12.10), Pommels (13.70) and P.Bars (9.50) ; Anushan Elanco as well as taking the overall title also came first on Floor (10.35), Rings (10.80) and High Bar (9.70).

The medals were presented by James Evans (A.k.a. Ferret) a much loved past gymnast of the club who now lives and coaches gym in Southampton.  Ferret kindly gave up his time to help judge the competition.



Over £700 was raised on Saturdays Tumbleathon.  Well done to all the children that took part and big thank you to all those people who gave sponsorship money and donations.  The proceeds raised will go towards new equipment and the cost of sending three gymnasts to the Island Games in Bermuda next year. 

Cameron Crowned Southern Region Champion 

Six male gymnasts from Jersey Gymnastics Club, Anushan Elanco (8), Oisin Devitt (10), Tom Coleborn(9), Cameron Aird (11), Judah Williams (12) and Zee Adamson (14) competed in the 2012 Southern Region Championships in Southampton.

Cameron and Judah competed in the under 12 age group. Cameron dominated the competition winning overall by almost two clear points to be crowned champion. He also achieved 5 individual medals on the six pieces of apparatus, three of which were gold medals won on the Rings with a score of 12.00, Vault 12.80 and Parallel Bars 12.55. Judah finished in 11th position overall his best scores coming on Vault 12.30 and Parallel Bars 11.55.

Anushan, Oisin and Tom were competing in the under 10 age group in a field of over 30 gymnasts.  Anushan competing in his first major competition for his age showed promise for the future. His Floor routine was his highlight with a score of 11.30, he also did some good work on the Rings scoring 10.60. Oisin also competing in his first major competition, performed well on the pommels and he also did well on vault with a score of 12.20. Tom the most experience of the three put in a good all round performance finishing in 13th position, he impressed especially on the parallel bars 11.65 and High bar 11.30.

was competing in the under 14 age group. His best showing came on Vault in which he controlled his landing well to take third place with a score of 12.70.

The gymnasts were accompanied by coaches Ben Frith, Maggie Adamson and Andy Aird.


Southampton Medal Haul for Young Squad Gymnasts

An amazing 15 medals were won by the team of girls and boys.

Nine gymnasts traveled to Southampton to take part in a Southern Region Floor and Vault competition on Sunday 22nd July 2012.   Experiencing a competition for the first time off the Island were Jack Burns (8), Amelia McIntosh (7), Anushan Elanco (8), Betty Beatson (8), Elizabeth Roxburgh (8), Oisin Devitt (9), Mitchell Rogers (9) , Isaac McIntosh (9) and Daisy Shacklady (11).

Jack Burns competing in the Novice (7-8 yrs) group won gold on vault with a score of 7.0 and missed out on floor bronze by just 0.05, however he still won gold overall with a total of 13.85.

Four gymnasts were competing in the Intermediate 7-8 yrs age group.   Elizabeth Roxburgh won Gold overall with a score of 15.25 finishing first on floor with a score of 8.1 and second on vault with a score of 7.15.  Amelia McIntosh wasn’t close behind
with a 2nd place on floor and 3rd on vault gaining her 2nd place overall with a score of 15.05.  Anushan Elanco took the vault title with a score of 7.25 which helped him finish third overall with a total score of 14.65.  Betty Beatson was just outside the medals finishing 4th overall her best score coming on floor with 7.55.

In the Intermediate 9-10yrs age group Oisin Devitt finished as overall winner with the top score on vault of 7.45 and 6.9 on floor.  His team mate Isaac McIntosh produced a good floor routine scoring 7.3 winning him a silver medal.  Mitchell Rogers missed out on a bronze medal on vault by only 0.2 but competed his back-flip on Floor in competition for the first time.

Finally Daisy Shacklady competed in the Intermediate 11-12yrs age group.  Daisy scored 7.0 on Floor and won bronze on Vault Her total score of 14.05 won her a bronze medal overall.

The gymnasts were accompanied to the competitions by coaches, Debbie Webber, Maggie Adamson and Liz MacIntosh.


Olympic Torch Relay Display

It was a proud day for the gym club as we were asked to perform two displays at the Weighbridge to help celebrate the historic arrival of the 2012 London Olympic Flame to Jersey.   Well done to all the squad gymnasts who took part and good luck to the GB team!!

Ray Retires From Coaching

Ray Algar was presented with a cake to celebrate his retirement from coaching and to thank him for over 30 years service to the club.  Ray has taught, nurtured and motivated hundreds of gymnasts over the years. His dedication and enthusiasm for the sport has been instrumental to the clubs progression.  It is long term commitment from coaches such as Ray which provide such strong foundations for the club to move forward and thrive.

It must also be mentioned that Ray will be lovingly remembered and missed for being the clubs fixer and maker of ingenious, but not always useful!! :) gymnastics equipment, putting to good use his brilliant woodwork skills!! 

Ray was also presented with a plaque to celebrate his services to the club and with two beautiful whiskey tumblers to enjoy an occasional tipple.

Happy retirement  Ray! and thank you for all the amazing work you have done! You will be missed greatly by everyone,  make sure you pop into the gym now and again to say hello. 


Pegasus Open 2012
Cameron wins Gold on Pommel and takes 3rd overall.

Tom Coleborn (9), Judah Williams (11) and Cameron (11) all competed at the Pegasus Open on Friday 8th June in Maidstone, Kent. The Pegasus Open is the largest club run competition in the England attracting competitors from all over the British Isles as well as from abroad.

Tom was competing in the talented 2003 Age Group. He finished a respectable 17th place out of 25 competitors. His best result was on Vault finishing in 5th place, he executed an excellent handspring which awarded him a score of 12.4 only 0.1 off a bronze medal.

Judah and Cameron were competing in the 2000/2001 Age Group.

Judah had a good all round competitions finishing 13th out of 21 competitors. He excelled especially on Floor, including in his routine for the first time a dynamic straight front somersault. This gave him a score of 11.70, 7th place only 0.3 off a medal.

Cameron had a very strong competition finishing in a brilliant 3rd place overall. His highlight of the day was on the Pommel with a precisely controlled routine with extended body line giving him the Gold medal with a score of 11.6, 0.3 above his nearest rival. He also showed off an excellent Rings routine with a score of 12.15 which award him another bronze medal.

All three boys were accompanied to the competition by Coach Andy Aird.



Cameron's Aird (11) and Tom Coleborn (9) competed for the Southern Region at the NDP Set Work National finals in Birmingham on the 12th May 2012.

Being a National Final the standard was extremely high. The set routines are marked out of 10.0 and there were some perfect routines on show with the top gymnast adding virtuosity to make them stand out from the crowd.

Tom’s Team competed in the Level 1 age group with 10 different regional teams taking part. Tom helped his team finish in 7th position above Scotland, Wales and the East Midlands. Individually Tom finished in 37th place overall out of 62 competitors. Tom had a solid day on all apparatus. His stand out pieces were Pommel (Mushroom) on which he displayed clean and controlled double leg circles to score him 9.1 and 25th position, and then on Vault he produced a dynamic squat through scoring 9.2 which also positioned him 25th.

Cameron was competing in the Level 4 age group. Sadly the Southern Region didn’t have enough gymnasts in this age group to make up a team so Cameron was competing for an individual position only. It was a tough comp for Cameron with some very strict judging. He carried out a brilliantly executed Rings routine but was heavily deducted for lack of height in his swings to scored 8.4. However his outstanding performance came on Floor with a score of 9.0 in which his press to handstand was held perfectly and awarded him with an impressive 8th position. Overall Cameron finished in 32nd position out of a field of 49.

Competing at a National Final was a great experience for Tom and Cameron. Just to qualify as the best from the Southern Region was a great achievement itself, so they should both be proud of their performance.


Girls pass the Grade!

Summer Goncalves, Phoebe Gray and Cara Buesnel all passed their grades in a competition held in Basingstoke on 31st March 2012.   Debbie Webber and Stephanie Goncalves accompanied the Girls.  Debbie was extremely happy with the girls and said she was proud at  how well they performed considering it was their first competition in England.

Congratulation girls all that hard work in training has paid of!! Keep it going!!


Cameron & Tom qualify for National Finals!

Cameron's Aird (11) and Tom Coleborn (9) have qualified to compete for the Southern Region at the NDP Set Work National finals in Birmingham on 12th May by finishing in 1st place and 3rd place respectively in their particular age groups at the Southern Region NDP Set Work Qualifiers on 25th March 2012.

As well as Tom and Cameron, Judah Williams (11) and Zee Adamson (13)  also completed at NDP Setwork Qualifiers held in Basingstoke. All the boys had to compete set routines on Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar and an additional physical preparation program (PPP) to test their strength and flexibility.

Tom was competing in the Level 1 (under 9) age group.   He competed consistently well on all 7 disciplines. All the routines where marked out of 10. His best scores where on Parallel bars (9.8) and Floor (9.4) finishing 2nd in both, he also scored well on the high bar and PPP both 3rd place finishes.  Because of his consistently high scoring he finished 3rd overall and qualified for the national finals.

Cameron and Judah were competing in the Level 4 (under 12) age group. Cameron had one of his best competitions to date coming first on 5 of the 7 disciplines.  His most impressive scores came on Parallel Bars (9.10) and Rings (9.20). He finished the competition in 1st place overall, a massive 3.8 points clear of his nearest rival to comfortably qualify for his 2nd national final in two years. 

Judah had a shaky start on Vault and Parallel bars but regained his composure to put in solid performances on floor and pommels (8.00), he also scored well on PPP finishing 2nd on this piece.  Overall Judah finished in 4th place.

Zee was competing the same routines as Cameron and Judah but in the out of age group.   He particularly shone on the high bar (8.70) and Rings (8.40). He top scored on 4 of the 6 discipline he competed in and finished first overall, repeating the feat he achieved in last years competition.

Overall it was a fantastic competition for JGC.  Two golds,  one bronze and a fourth place finish is great reward for the hard work put in by the boys.  Not forgetting Tom and Cameron qualifying to compete for the Southern Region at the National Finals, a fantastic achievement and something they should both be proud of. Now it's a matter of continuing their hard training so that their routines can be even better for the national finals in May.

The boys were accompanied by coaches Maggie Adamson, Andy Aird and Ben Frith. 


Jersey Gymnastics Club Recreational Championships 2012

Under 10 age group competitor Ellie Cutler is the new Jersey Gymnastics Club Recreational gymnast of the year. She took the judges vote after winning her age group in the clubs annual championships for gymnasts who train no more than 2 hours a week. Top place in the Under 6 age group went to Sophie Barraclough and in the Under 8 to Taylor Freeman.

Ellie topped an entry of 17 gymnasts in her age group with 89.4 points only 0.5 ahead of 2nd place Emma Cutland with 88.9.  Joint third overall were Isabela Culnane and and Charlie Bird with 86.4. Individual Golds went to Lucy Woodward (Vault), Emma Cutland (Balance, Strength), Ellie Cutler, Charlie Bird,Lucy Stokes (jointly for Floor).

The Under 8 age group contest gave an even closer result with Taylor Freeman taking  top place from 36 gymnasts with an overall score of 68.6 followed jointly by Maddie Reynolds and Christiano Ascencao with 68.3. Individual Gold medallists  were Amy Gray (floor), Taylor Freeman (Balance), Sebastian Kirkby (Vault) and Christiano Ascencao (Strength)

The largest age group was the Under 6s with 38 competitors and was topped by Sophie Barraclough (66.1). This was the closest result yet with Alexia Cooper being 2nd with only 0.1 difference(66.0) closely  followed by Barry Beatson (65.1). Individual Golds were won by Barry and Sophie (jointly for Vault), Barry (Floor), Alexia (Strength) , Iona Hendry and Amy Young (jointly for Balance).

The 10 and Over age group was won by Rebecca Gomes  with Individual Golds on Floor, Balance and Vault. Runner up was Holly Wood with an Individual Joint Gold for Balance. Jonathan Jones took the Gold for Strength.

Medals were presented by Ray Algar who is retiring from Gymnastics after 30 years of coaching and mentoring. The gym was decked for the occasion with Bunting, Flags and Posters to get into the Olympic Games atmosphere.  Head Coach Ben Frith praised all the gymnasts for their performances and said he was sure there were future Olympians amongst them!